Directions for Visitors

MG Marg Central

Access from Above Police Headquarters

Gangtok is a small town and our local church house is in close proximity to the market square (MG Marg), roughly around 150 meters downhill once you are the northern end of MG Marg.

If you are arriving from the Paljor Stadium Road/GPO/Zero Point areas, you may continue walking along the sidewalk of NH31A until you see the EPCS signboard above Police Headquarters, and then switch directions. 

Left: Tourism Secretariat (Arrow indicates passage) Right: MG Marg North (Arrow indicates downhill approach)

Approach from MG Marg
There are two overhead bridges in the vicinity from where you can cross over into the sidewalk of the National Highway. One bridge is next to the Tourism Secretariat (above left) and the other at the tri-junction connecting to the National Highway as illustrated in the photo (above right). Looking across the incline of the National Highway from the Tourism Secretariat, you can very easily observe the stately appearance of  the Police Headquarters.

Taking the overhead crossing on the right hand side the Tourist Information Center and alighting through the left hand side staircase will bring you very close to the point where there a sign posted by the sidewalk indicating worship timings.

Left: EPCS sign above Police HQ. Right: Overhead bridge from Tourism Sectt. leads directly to the sign post

Following the concreted staircase/lane leading downhill you will arrive to meet a vehicular road (Church Road) at which point you are in front of NABARD Bank (Om Niwas). Turn right into the next lane, and in a brief moment you will arrive at the church gate. 

Turn right after arriving at the base of Nabard Bank (Om Niwas)
Access from Church Road (Hotel Hungry Jack/Domino's Pizza)
Look towards the taxi stand from Hotel Hungry Jack and follow the Church Road until you arrive below the NABARD Bank and turn right.
Domino's Pizza/Hotel Hungry Jack - Church Road begins at the taxi stand below Police HQ