Welcome to the EPCS Gangtok Local Church English Worship blogsite.

The Gangtok EPCS Local Church conducts Sunday Worship in English at 9:00 a.m. where a small group of temporary residents from other parts of India unfamiliar with the Nepali language and members more at ease in English gather to worship the Lord. Our regular attendees also include the senior boarders of Paljor Namgyal Girl's School whose presence adds cheer and joy especially so in their enthusiastic participation in singing songs of praise and worship with robust youthful voices.

It is indeed heartening for all Christians to note that Gangtok as well as other areas in Sikkim have in the recent years, seen a considerable growth in the number of churches and yes, even a small town like ours has perhaps close to twenty or so churches where Saturday and Sunday worships are enthusiastic and vibrant. And it is our fervent hope and desire that in days to come, there will be more and more. However, with Nepali being the lingua franca of the region and the general mode of communication in most churches, the the language barrier is a problem to visiting Believers arriving from elsewhere.    

With Sikkim being a popular tourist destination, it has been observed than many brothers and sisters sharing faith in The Lord Jesus Christ often ask their hotels and guides for directions to a church were worsip is conducted in English, and the purpose of this site is to let them know that this House of God offers them such an opportunity - to join the local congregation to worship and praise Our Heavenly Father in a language spoken and understood by many.

Although we only meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m., all visiting Believers are welcome to contact us at any other times in the week be it for a quick hello or even for a brief fellowship.


  1. I really enjoyed your fellowship while I was there last week. Kudos for this beautiful blogspot!

  2. Wish you all a happy life's journey throughout 2012. We just do not know what lies ahead of us. Let us walk along trusting in God just as Abraham did when God called him. God whom we trust will never let us down!

    Rev. Zambolis.

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